Communicate in More Languages with Video Subtitling Services

If you have ever watched a foreign film in a movie theater or on television, you have seen the subtitles on the bottom of the screen. Much like closed captioning, these words run in conjunction with the video, so people who don't speak the language can understand what is going on. If you want to offer your videos in multiple languages, to overseas markets, ChromaVision can help with language translation and video subtitling services.

Line up the Words Correctly (Spotting)

It is important for subtitles in a film to seamlessly follow the action on the screen. If your viewers are seeing words that miss the timing with images on the screen, they are going to become frustrated, and may stop watching. Have you ever watched a television show where the sound was off, even by a small amount? Subtitles that are not spotted correctly have the same effect on viewers.

Accurate Subtitles

If you aren't fluent in the languages you want to offer, it can become difficult to properly translate your script. Using online translation software or other methods are not effective. Instead of hiring a translator unfamiliar with subtitling and then using another person to make the subtitles, turn to Chromavision to fulfill your subtitling requirements. We offer video subtitling services in a variety of languages, including French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Hmong, Hebrew and Cambodian. We can add these subtitles to any tape format, DCP, Blu Ray, DVD or file.