Video PAL Conversions in HD and SD

Different areas of the world require different video tape formats and file types. For instance, you may have encountered a DVD you wanted to watch that was in the wrong video system and wouldn't play on your player. This is likely due to the video system it was made in. The United States uses the NTSC video system, while many other countries use the PAL system. These video systems are not interchangeable. ChromaVision can help you with all kinds of video PAL conversions.

What Are the Differences?

The differences between the NTSC and PAL systems are the video resolution and/or the frame rate. This is why you must complete video PAL conversions so you can match up to the proper resolution and frame rate for ideal viewing conditions. In Standard Video, NTSC typically plays with a resolution of 720x480 while PAL is 720x576. HD video shares the same resolution in PAL or NTSC, 1920x1080, but the frame rates vary. NTSC plays at 29.97 frames per second, while PAL operates at 25 frames per second.

Fast Conversions

Converting between PAL and NTSC, whether in HD or SD formats or files can be difficult without the right hardware and software. You need the right equipment and technical knowledge to make gorgeous video PAL Conversions. ChromaVision is experienced in making these conversions, employing the Teranex, Alchemist and Rowland hardware solutions even a few videos.