Using Closed Captioning to Reach Everyone

When individuals have a difficult time hearing or want to improve their viewing experience on television, they turn to closed captioning. At Chromavision, we offer video closed captioning services that will assist people, in enjoying your videos. In addition, most television shows those that appear on cable or broadcast television are required to contain closed captioning by the FCC, which makes finding a company to provide these services essential.

Accurate Transcripts & Captioning

We provide spotting services, which is the process of correctly positioning the captions on the video, using your scripts or we transcribe the media. Our qualified professionals will listen to your video and provide accurate transcripts in a timely fashion. Our goal is to provide closed captioning that is in perfect synchronization with the audio of the show. We can also can translate and caption in most languages.

Cost Effective and Fast Turn Around

Chromavision is very conscious about the costs associated with closed captioning. We attempt to provide the most competitive pricing for closed captioning services. Often times, closed captioning is the last service required before completing a show or other media element. Chromavision offers fast turn around for any captioning project it undertakes.