Video Closed Captioning Is A Necessity?

It is estimated that approximately 1.2 to 3.6 percent of the entire population of the United States between the ages of 18 and 64 is either deaf or hard of hearing. This jumps to 18 percent if you include people with some type of hearing loss, typically due to work related or leisure time exposure to loud sounds. Looking at individuals over the age of 65 this number shoots up to 30% and for those over the age of 75 it is a whopping 47%. This translates into the need for video closed captioning services for television, film and web media.

However, not just those people that have hearing difficulties appreciate video closed captioning services. Many businesses, including restaurants, lounges and bars now have TV monitors continually showing videos, programming and live streaming video, all using video close captioning services so the band or music is all that you hear while still having the ability to follow the specific program.

Finding a Company

If you want to market your video or production you really need to find a company that offers video closed captioning services. There are not many top professional services out there, but they are available in many of the major cities and areas of movie and film production.

Finding a reliable company offering video closed captioning services will take some research. There are several factors you need to verify to ensure quality closed captioning.

Transcribing and Positioning

If you don’t have the actual complete transcript you need the video closed caption services company to transcribe the video. While it is time consuming it will ensure that the text is absolutely correct with the spoken word throughout the production. In addition the best video closed captioning services will also make sure that the text is as accurately positioned. This process is called spotting.

While video closed captioning provides a service for a large percentage of your audience, it is also a required, by law for many media outlets. Finding a company that you can work with will allow you to focus in on your production while they provide the closed captioning services that you need.