Distribute Your Movie with a Digital Cinema Package

Gone are the days when movie theaters would receive a large film reels for each of the films they would be showing. Today, most movies, from Hollywood Features to independent films are shown in theaters through Digital Cinema Packages (DCP). At Chromavision, you can expect to receive personal service and high-quality DCPs to best distribute your film.

Only the Best Quality

Our experienced technicians will take your film and transform it into a DCP, maintaining the right colors, sounds and motion to make your film a success. Our DCPs use the latest in digital technology to ensure your film is preserved, and will show in the best quality in any Digital Theater in the World.

Distribute Your Films

Most film makers want to share their films with the World. A Digital Cinema Package can be Encrypted. Without a KDM (Digital Password), a DCP cannot be played. Additionally, a DCP can be programmed to open for specified amounts of time, for as little as 90 minutes or as long as 2 years.