Produce a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) for your film

It was not that long ago that if you made a movie that you hoped to get into theatres locally, around the country and internationally you had to go through a major movie studio. Now, with the increasing emphasis on Independent narrative films and cutting edge Theatrical Documentaries, you can arrange to have promotions, marketing and producing Digital Cinema Packages for theatrical presentation, with local companies in your community.

What are Digital Cinema Packages?

DCPs or digital cinema packages are the new version of the old multi-reel films that used to make the rounds of theatres around the globe. Now, instead of having to pack, transport and show 5, 6 or 7reels, 2k and 4k video and surround audio is converted in the MXF or Material Exchange Format files and is stored on a small hard drive that can be encrypted, to prevent unauthorized showing while providing consistent, top quality images and sound time and time again.

This hard drive can be used over and over and can be set up to require a password or KDM to play. This is an ideal way to prevent unauthorized display of the digital cinema packages. Additional protection such as only being allowed to be played a specific number of times or for a specific time period also helps protect the DCP from misuse.

What about Sources?

Professionals that provide digital cinema packages can take any video source or format in both audio and digital media and convert it to the files that are used. Of course, it is best to start with a High Definition source or better, to make a digital cinema package.

In addition, Companies that produce digital cinema packages can literally do anything that you would expect with classic film reels. This includes providing subtitles, creating trailers and features and even offering multiple options of both all on the same DCP.

Using digital cinema packages anyone can show their own work in a theater-ready presentation or promotion. Since additional security and protection can be built into the hard drive you have control over where and how your work is used, and it is all set up in advance.